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How to restore a leather belt?

Consider ways to restore a leather belt if its structure has become “hardened”: the main folk methods and storage tools designed to eliminate this problem.

Causes of sagging and twisting of the belt

Quite often, a situation arises when, even if the belt is not worn for a long time, its edge begins to “worry,” stretch and twist. This happens for a number of reasons:

  • A change in technology, during which the skin is cut across the collagen fibers;
  • The use of skin not from the “dorsal” part of the skin but from the side or abdomen;
  • A special technological process for welding collagen fibers, which makes it possible to reduce the cost of production;
  • Poor quality material.

In order to avoid such problems with the belt, you should choose products from a trusted manufacturer. Prices for such a belt will be in the “above average” category. But this will make it possible to operate it for a long period of time without losing its appearance.

How to restore a leather belt?

What can be done with a belt that is “hardened”?

Leather products tend to roughen and warp over time. The defect can be fixed using the following:

  • Castor oil;
  • Glycerol;
  • Petrolatum;
  • Coconut oil;
  • Linseed oil.

The scheme for using castor oil consists of the following steps:

  1. Apply it to the surface of the belt with a cloth or a clean toothbrush.
  2. Rub into the skin with light circular motions. After the belt has darkened, leave it alone for a while (for impregnation).
  3. When the surface is dry and no longer shiny, repeat the procedure. At this stage, carry out more intensive rubbing and kneading of the leather belt.

Important! Castor oil is suitable for dark skin. It is able to eliminate the resulting rigidity and restore elasticity to the structure of the product.

If the belt is light, then it is better to use wax. Pure wax is hard enough to rub into the skin. To make this process easier, you can mix it with petroleum jelly in a 1: 1 ratio. Rubbing should be done in several stages, between which take short breaks to absorb the composition.

If the above funds are not at hand, you can take a regular baby or any other cream with natural ingredients. It is rubbed into the skin in “several approaches,” and after each, it is necessary to rest the product to absorb and distribute all the ingredients.

More folk methods to eliminate stiffness

Effective use of linseed oil. Apply a small amount of it on the surface of the belt on both sides and rub it into the skin with gentle circular movements. Then leave until completely absorbed.

You can use the remedy that grandmothers used – melted internal fat. If it is rubbed into rough skin, then you can not only return the “second life” to the product but also extend its service life. After the fat is absorbed, you can apply a baby cream with a moisturizing effect to the entire surface. Let it soak in and dry, then remove the residue with a paper towel.

Professional tools

The modern chemical industry offers a wide range of special skin care products, including those for softening and maintaining elasticity. The range is presented:

  • Lotions;
  • Air conditioners.

The composition of these products should include natural fats and waxes, which will allow for maintaining the product’s structure and shape for a long time. 

Important! When buying such a composition, you must try to avoid paraffin and silicone. Despite the fact that at first, such ingredients give flexibility and elasticity to the product, their further use destroys the structure of the skin, leading to irreversible processes.