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What to wear with a jacket?

In the article, we analyze what kind of clothing it is, what types are there and what to combine with.

What sweatshirts are in there?

The origin of the word is interesting. We are familiar with the word caftan, a real piece of men’s clothing. And the jacket also goes back to the caftan, but it came through the Germanic and Polish languages ​​​​as an item of men’s and women’s clothing.

Today, this word combines several styles of long-sleeved clothing:

  • Pullover;
  • Jumper;
  • Cardigan;
  • Hoodie;
  • Turtlenecks ;
  • Poncho;
  • Bomber.

The difference is in the details.


 A thin knitted sweater without a collar and fasteners, usually plain.

The jumper features a small collar (usually turn-down). It can be both with a clasp and without. If there is a clasp, then it is small on top—a looser fit than a pullover.

Cardigan – a wide jacket with and without fasteners, worn only with a bottom (blouse or T-shirt). It pairs well with jeans and dresses.


Turtlenecks – sweaters of a tight-fitting or semi-adjacent silhouette with a high collar that fits snugly around the neck.

The sweatshirt features a loose fit and a hood. Usually, there is a zipper in front, which fastens from bottom to top—made from fleece, like a hoodie. The latter also has a hood and a distinctive feature – a large kangaroo pocket in front.


A poncho is also called a jacket, but very conditionally since there are no sleeves as such. The poncho is a rectangle cut diagonally into quarters. This is before. The sleeves are the right and left corners, and the fourth corner is the back.

Bomber or pilot’s jacket – a cropped jacket with striped cuffs on the bottom and on the sleeves with a zipper with a small shawl collar.

Features of women’s and men’s sweaters

Why can we distinguish men’s sweaters from women’s from the first time? Traditional clothing is different:

  • color;
  • Finishing;
  • Cut details.

Recently, the color division has been very conditional – thanks to the huge number of shades, even men can wear pink, and black, gray and white are universal colors and can often be seen in stylish clothes for both sexes. However, the traditional division remains.

  • Women’s colors – red gamma, delicate shades of primary colors.
  • Men’s – blue gamma, bright and dark shades of primary colors.

As for prints, floral and animal prints are considered feminine, while geometry and abstraction are considered masculine.

Well, the most famous distinguishing feature is the clasp bar. If it is on the left side, the jacket is female. On the right – male.


Depending on the season and wearing conditions for sewing sweaters, the following is used:

  • Wool;
  • microfiber;
  • fleece;
  • Polyester;
  • Acrylic;
  • Footer and other types of cotton jersey of various density. .

What color to choose?

Why is it important to choose the color of the sweater? The fact is that it is located next to the face and is able to influence its shade – to make it healthy or, on the contrary, earthy.

But first you need to decide on a skin tone. To do this, just look at the veins on the arm. Green veins indicate a warm skin tone, blue or purple – a cold one. Sometimes a person has both colors of veins, which means that all colors of clothes suit him.

  • If the skin tone is warm, the most harmonious will be clothes of flesh and soft shades: yellow, coral, coffee colors.
  • If the skin tone is cool, choose calm blues and greens, white and gray will look good.

What to wear

Sweatshirts are versatile clothing, not only because there are many types of it, but also because it is combined with literally everything and can be part of a business, casual, sports or even evening look.

  • Plain sweaters and even voluminous cardigans are suitable for creating a business one. As a bottom – classic trousers and straight skirts.
  • For every day, a sweatshirt or hoodie is the perfect solution – they are cozy and at the same time they look good. Stylishly combined with jeans, cargo pants;
  • A combination of a sweatshirt or hoodie with sports trousers will add a sporty touch to the image;
  • A blouse with sequins will perfectly complement an open dress and warm during a romantic dinner on the seashore.